Ontemporary Issues in Global Business Management

Please refer to the attachment that I will be send, there are two assignment questions appear in the following, since I had done the first aissignment question aready and I got a very low mark of it, i here attach the assignment 1 paper of mine for your/ the writer as a reference .

And assignment 2 question is just under the aissignment 1 questions. and some advise is given out by the Lecturer.

Assignment One
Essay Plan (20% of total mark)

The first assignment for this module is an essay plan focusing on an agreed contemporary issue in global business management. Your essay plan is expected to be approximately 1,000 words in length and will form the basis of Assignment 2  the critical essay.
You will need to consider how you are going to approach your work and consider timescales for each aspect. It is essential that you spend time thinking about the process and reading around the subject area to organized your thoughts and focus your ideas. The essay plan is expected to include the following:
Title: This should clearly indicate the topic and scope of the essay

The content:
What aspects of the topic are you investigating?
What are the main aims of your investigation?
What texts, journals and other sources are you going to use?
What evidence are you citing to support your discussion?
What major global business management notions and theories are you going to use to conduct your analysis?
Structure: What is the structure of the essay going to be? This could be in the form of a preliminary table of content of the detailed report.

Timescales: Allocate a realistic time scale to each part of the work.


Assignment 2

Critical essay

In preparation for this assignment you have already completed an essay plan that gives an overview of the issue you wish to research, the resources you will use, and a realistic timescale for each section of the work. In addition, you have received written feedback on this work and an individual tutorial.

You are expected to produce a critical essay (3,500 words) based on your essay plan and subsequent feedback.
Assessment criteria
Evidence of clear understanding of identified issues
Depth of analysis drawing on appropriate theoretical concepts
Development of a clear, cohesive and critical discussion of the identified issues
Evidence of wide ranging research using a variety of sources including books, journals and relevant websites
Appropriate referencing and bibliography using the Harvard system

Advise from Lecturer:

Try to ensure that the report has:

a. a meaningful title

b. clearly defined aims

c. refer to relevant facts, viewpoints on the topic concerned: the theme needs to be related to Globalization, MNC and Global stratey (at least one of them) and their affiliated concepts/theories.

d. no plagiarism and show referencing.

e. try to avoid very lenghy paragraph (e.g. one paragraph for 1 page)

f. try not to copy and paste diagrams and charts to the report (even with clear referencing)

g. try to summarize your overall understanding in the form of a cognitive map, or rich picture, if possible.

h. Need to provide your own theory-driven evaluative viewpoints with clear justification. Organized reasoning is very important.

i. again, use subtitles and outliining in the report, eg 1, 1.1, etc

j. A reference list.

k. Do check your english grammar.

l. do not just focus on a specific company and industry details; try to stand back and see the issue from the perspective of the subject concerned.

m. If you make recommendations, try to classify by stakeholders: e.g. government, public, etc...

n. Try to insert word count at the end of the report.

Finally, assignment 2 should be based on your assignment 1 idea but minor amendment of ideas and aims is acceptable and welcome. I believe that reading around the topic and courage to express own view in terms of the relevant theories and notions would be very useful.