Ontemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Company that needs to be researched:
Virgin Australia Airlines

Chosen issue: Discrimination in their policy for children traveling man asked to move due to paedophile fears.

Instructions from Lecturer:
*Students are required to choose an organisation and examine a current HR issue in that organisation. (See above).

*Students must present a critical analysis of the way in which the HR issue is handled by the organisation (or how the situation was focused on).

*Reports should reflect a clear understanding of the topic and should include a discussion of current organisational practices with respect to the HR issue chosen.

*Recommendations on how the issue could be handled better should be included at the end of the report.

The core dimensions for assessment of presentations are:
1. Content of the report presentation
2. Research skills
3. Knowledge of the subject matter
4. Quality of the literature used to support your arguments
5. Creative effort

Where necessary, include charts or any relevant tables, figures etc.

Please ensure all references used are no older than 5 years.

Please complete the recommendation and conclusion part of the report in great depth and detail. (The lecturer mentioned that this part held the most weight of marks).

Please also include a double-spaced one page executive summary.

Thank you.