You are asked to produce a portfolio of 3 short academic papers (followed by a written personal reflection) which examine some of the main themes covered in the content of the module. It is important that the papers evaluate both the mainstream and relevant critical perspectives. To do this, you will need to review the current literature within this area of knowledge, which must incorporate a substantial amount of academic journal articles as opposed to textbooks.

The portfolio should be written in an academic style and contain 3 separate papers of approximately 1,500 words each which cover the broad themes of:

1. Critical evaluation of the three approaches to IHR (10 Journal articles)
2. Understanding Culture in International HR (10 Journal articles)
3. International HR and Emerging Countries (10 journals articles)
4. Personal reflection on your learning from undertaking the module (minimum 500 words)

The Portfolio:

This portfolio as a whole should be 5,000 words and be in an academic style suitable for publication. As an independent learner you are asked to select topics within the above themes which are of personal or professional interest to you. As well as the individual papers discussed above, your final portfolio should contain a personal reflection of your learning from participating in this module. Separate reference list following each above titles. It should meet the relevant postgraduate academic grade descriptors to gain a pass grade. To submit the report, referenced using Harvard Reference System, other systems are not acceptable. It should be written in an academic style and should not include personal views or experiences but should be based on your review of the literature.