Ontemporary Issues in International Political Economy

1. How do states and markets differ in the values and goals and the means with which they seek to achieve their goals?
Discuss this question both in general and with respect to a current event topic located in a newspaper or magazine?

2. Efficiency and security are two important factors in IPE.
Briefly explain why efficiency and security are both desirable values.
Can security exist without efficiency?
Can efficiency exist without security? Explain.

each Questions 250 approximately

Ontemporary Issues in International Political Economy

Which of the three major theoretical perspectives on International Political Economy (IPE) a i.e. liberalism, mercantilism, and structuralism a best explains the emergence, development and consequences of the major IPE issues in the world today, and why?

1 you should provide a brief description and critical assessment of the three major theoretical perspectives on IPE that have been discussed in class: a?liberalisma (related to a?neoliberalisma and a?Keynesianisma), a?mercantilisma and a?structuralisma (also known as a a?Marxista perspective). How do they differ from or complement each other? Which perspective is most convincing in explaining the recent developments in IPE, such as the global financial crisis, the problems of the European monetary union, the Syrian crisis, and the rise of emerging powers in world politics, and for what reasons? It is recommended that you read Part One of Balaam and Dillman (2011), as well as other academic sources, before attempting this part of the essay.

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