Case Study

You are a Sport Development Officer working in a public sector leisure center.it is part of your promote and increase participation in sport.critically evaluate the impact of government policy in terms ot increasing and maintaining participation at all levels througout life cycle.you will need to discuss the impact of and role of the media in terms of sport participations.you will also need to consider ideas of social contructions which may perpetuate social inequalities in terms of participations.

In essence the task is asking you to assess the role of the government is sport, to that end you will need to look at strategies for increasing mass participation. You will need to look at ideas of education and how sport is taught in schools, you could discuss concepts of physical literacy here. Strategies such as Game Plan can be used to identify what is being done to help increase participation. Furthermore, you will need to include ideas of social class, gender, race, disability etc., which may perpetuate social inequalities in terms of barriers to participation.