Ontemporary Issues in OB Paper-Based on the article

Contemporary Issues in OB Paper-Based on the article (the-smart-way-to-create-a-transparent-workplace-1424664611)
This assignment is designed to help you learn: 1) How to get the most out of interpreting the popular literature on organizations, and; 2) How to be an educated consumer and critic of this literature based on other readings you will encounter in your studies and work.

Each student will find an article in the popular press covering a current topic in organizational behavior (between 2009 and the present) from one of the following sources: Fortune, Inc., Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Forbes, The Houston Chronicle, Digital Toronto, The Wall Street Journal or Fast Company, and complete a succinct paper on a topic of his or her choice. The paper should be approximately 35 pages in length (12pt. font, double spaced, 1i?? margins):
1. Describe your topic and its current importance and relevance for practicing managers and consultants.
2. Critique this topic a) What is the i??storyi?? the article is telling? b) What evidence is the article based on? c) What implicit assumptions underlie the story?
3. What are the implications for organizational research and practice? Do article findings lead to further questions?

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