Ontemporary issues in public sector finance

Course BA Accounting and Finance (Final Year)
Subject Contemporary issues in public sector finance
Assignment title Alternative ways of funding the NHS (Public Service)
Words 3,000
Deadline 26 March 2010 (Mid-day) but required earlier to make edits.

I ve had to choose the subject area myself in this case for the assignment but you are welcome to play around with the title or objectives of the assignment. Your may choose to do it in a  consultancy report format as it is discussing various options of alternative ways of funding. See below.

Subject chosen for report  The alternative ways of funding of the National Health Service (from a strategic perspective) especially looking at the budget cuts over the next 5 years.

NHS Strategy is to deliver  cash releasing strategies while sustaining and improving the quality of services.

It is a known issue that NHS have already been told to cut their spending budget over the next 5 years, the goal of the assignment is to show how they can do this. You may include the following points that have been discussed with my personal tutor (These are just examples and you may include others)