Ontemporary Issues in World Politics(please see Assignment Criteria)

Please choose A question from the following list:
1. To what extent are international organisations purely a mechanism for pursuing state
interests by other means?
2. Critically assess the argument that world politics cannot be understood without
recourse to GPE (global political economy).
3. Critically assess the extent to which international regimes allow states to overcome
obstacles to international collaboration.
4. Critically analyse the proposition that non-state actors are irrelevant to world politics.

Your essay should comply with the following procedures:
It must be properly titled (without any changes to the proposed titles).
It must be typed and properly paragraphed.
You should provide a word count at the end of your essay. The word limit includes the essay body and any footnotes/endnotes but does not include the bibliography.

Assessment criteria and regulations
The Coursework will be marked according to the following criteria:

Demonstrate an understanding of the key
concepts and issues relevant to the
essay you are writing

Demonstrate an understanding of and
use of key texts and other sources
relevant to the essay

Show an ability to analyse (rather than
just describe) data, complex argument,
and distinguish analysis from assertion

Write with clarity and conciseness

Show regard for the proper features of
academic writing, with respect to
quotations, referencing etc.

Marking criteria for the essay:
1. Content a Relevance of the materials used; breadth of reading; evidence of a
understanding of key issues and debates relevant to the module; relating theory/concepts to
evidence/issues; analysis of theories and issues.
2. Structure a Clarity of structure; logic of structure and arguments; clear introduction and conclusion.
3. Presentation a Clarity of expression; sentence construction and grammar; appropriate
citation of references and bibliographic format.

a? Poor grammar and spelling will be penalised; ensure that you proof-read your work
a? Number each page.
a? The essay should be word processed in a font size no smaller than 12 point.
a? State the word count.