Ontemporary Issues: Knowledge Management

Based on evidence from reliable sources describe what is meant by i??Knowledge Managementi?? (KM) and how it impacts contemporary organisational strategy.
Then provide examples from original research that demonstrate how KM can support the sustainable growth of organisations.
Using theory from the first three topics and examples from your research discuss both opportunities and challenges for the implementation of KM in international businesses
You are expected to give a brief description of i??Knowledge Managementi?? (KM) using reliable sources to support your points.
i??You are expected to give your view on why this is a i??contemporary issuei?? using research and current sources that will support your opinion.
i??You are expected to identify and apply relevant theory from the first three topics of the module to develop your discussion and to draw conclusions based on your research.
You must use Harvard referencing in your work to show your sources of information and to provide an evidence base for your work and conclusions. You are expected to use reliable sources that encompass both academic and current news articles.
The essay is 2000 words +/10% See full details below:
This essay requires students to apply the theory from the first three topics of the module to examine Knowledge Management. You will be expected to support your conclusions with current secondary research on the topic.

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