Ontemporary Korean Women Writers; their role and influence on Korean Culture and Society in the 20th century

I would like some historical background about the general flow of Korean literature to this day. Mentioning some major events(war, division of the country, colonisation under the japanese, economic crisis, rapid industrial/economic growth, etc) that might have had some effects/influence on korean writer; themes, style, stories, etc.
Also, it would be important to clarify the definition of the term literature, in order to examine the significance of it. Is it just an art? or is it more? Does literature reflect the lives of people? Is it there to give them inspiration or is it just entertainment?

I would like the focus of this paper to be Contemporary Korean Women writers. I believe the works of korean women writer are significant in terms of their achievements. Their themes, style and story are very different and unique. I think their work always leaves the reader a personal question (religous, ethical, cultural, philosophical, etc) this can vary.
Korea had a long lived male-dominated society. It is just after the opening of the country when the countrys culture and society began to change being influenced by mostly the west.
Today, korean society is changing dramatically having
It would be important to give detailed references from Korean women writers work. Also it would be nice if you can conclude in saying who was the most influential and why, and some estimation on how women writers would be in the 21st century.