Ontemporary management/leadership issue

Assignment Instructions

1. Please write the paper on: Contemporary management/leadership issue.

Information Source: Organization Theory and Design: Chapter 2 Strategy Organization Design, and Effectiveness pages: 56-78

(A) Discuss what, in the students opinion, is the most critical issue facing management/leadership in contemporary organizations. (B) Indicate the reason(s) for choosing this issue; establish its significance both in an academic and a practical sense.

2. This paper should be 3-4 pages long, written with headings (and subheadings if appropriate), citing significant course material to support your rationale and discussion. (I will write in NAME AND Course Information etc.)

All papers must be written in APA style.

Font: The font must be Times New Roman 12 pt.

Margins: All margins must be 1 inch.


Page length never includes cover page, reference page(s), table of contents (if used) but always does include the abstract, if there is one.

Full and complete documentation is expected throughout using APA citations and references.

Running heads are optional, but suggested.

3. Please use the following sources in the documents attached to write the paper in APA format. Purdue Owl can be used to find instructions of APA format.

4. Cited Source: Daft, R. (2010). Organization theory and design. (10th ed ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

5. Please use the GSMT STANDARDIZED WRITING RUBIC as well when writing the paper to make sure all CRITERIA is answered correctly in the paper.