Ontemporary Middle East History Project 2

Project 2

After carefully reading Samuel P. Huntington s The Clash of Civilizations of the Coming of the New World Order and Edward W. Said s article,  The Clash of Ignorance in The Nation magazine (/

-Discuss his Huntington s methodology  what methods of research and analysis did he use to derive this thesis? How convincing is he? Where does his thesis fall short? What were are the weaknesses in his argument?

-Read Professor Edward W. Said s rebuttal titled  The Clash of Ignorance. What are Said s main points in rebutting the Huntington thesis? How well argued are they? What is Said s methodology? With which of the two scholars do you agree with? Why?

-What did Huntington mean by  Islam has bloody borders ? Why is Islam involved in so many fault line wars? What are the dynamics of these fault line wars?

-Directly apply the Huntington thesis to the Middle East today, especially in light of the current situation in such nations as Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Does Huntington appear to be accurate? (You may choose the Israeli-Hizzbullah/Lebanon War of the summer of 2006 and/or US presence in Iraq. For this part of your essay, you need to cite such major newspapers and periodicals as The Washington Post and Foreign Affairs.

Be sure you properly cite and document all sources you use in your paper.

If you use other sources in addition to the course materials in the paper, please be careful to use valid, scholarly resources. For example, on-line encyclopedias like Wikipedia are not acceptable sources for college-level work.

APA style guidelines should be followed.
Double space in 12 point Arial font.
This paper needs a title page, abstract and reference page.

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