Ontemporary Middle East History Project One

After reading The Koran and the introduction by Professor Dawood, Write a 6 page paper (approximately 250 words per page) in which you discuss any the following and how The Koran deals with them:
The relationship between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
The treatment and status of women; marriage, divorce, and polygamy
The justification of a  holy war (Jihad)
Charity and help for the needy
Dietary restrictions
Justice and its administration
Principles of faith
The treatment of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus

When discussing each of these points, you will need to cite the specific Sura from The Koran. Try to include as many examples for these points as possible in your paper. Finally, draw some conclusions as to how The Koran compares to the holy scriptures of Judaism and Christianity.

If you use other sources in addition to the course materials, please be careful to use valid, scholarly resources. For example, on-line encyclopedias like Wikipedia are not acceptable sources for college-level work.

APA style guidelines should be followed. Double space in 12 point Arial font. This paper needs a Title page, an abstract and refernce page.

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