Ontemporary Middle Eastern History ATTN: Request writer #19381, Admin Judy has History on account

Here are the 5 final exam essays. You MUST complete all 5. You
> MUST include parenthetical citations to all required readings in
> the context of each paragraph. In particular, be sure to use the
> primary sources in the Khater anthology. Also, remember to
> complete the course evaluation electronically: 1. Discuss the
> origins of the Arab-Israeli dispute and the positions of both
> sides. Why is this dispute so complex? Can you offer any
> solutions or hope for the future?2. Discuss the origins and main
> motives for US involvement in the region. Specifically, what are
> American interests in the region? Was the US correct for getting
> involved? Have we made any basic mistakes?3. Why has Turkey been
> a model for developing nations? Assess its effectiveness in
> dealing with such issues as secularization, westernization, and
> modernization.4. Discuss the differences between Arab nationalism,
> Islam, and Islamism. Provide specific examples and growth of
> each. Which force seems most likely to prevail in the future and
> why?5. What impact has the Muslim resurgence had on world history
> since 1945? What caused this resurgence and why is the West
> having difficulty coping with this movement? What is the
> relationship between this movement and the increase in terrorist
> activities?