Ontemporary Punk and Rock Bands In Religion: Faith or Fame?

I have inquired a quote about this paper. Here is what is to be included again as a reminder..

The paper is for a class called Sacred Music In Black America. The topic for the final paper can be about anything that has to do with music and religion or music and the church. I chose to write about Sacred Contemporary Punk and Rock bands, society and culture in the world. I would like to delve into issues such as to see if these bands write the music because they really believe in their message, or if they are doing it for fame and money. Anything else you guys can add in would be great.
I need 15 sources with an ANNOTATED Bibliography. Each source should be 150 words. Then, a 2000 word paper is due about the subject. The annotated bibliography is due May 8th and the paper is due May 11th.
Steve Nahorniak

PS: I am a Junior in college. Please remember that bibliography MUST have 15 sources and MUST be annotated with at least 150 words each source!