Ontemporary relevance of Edgar Allen Poes The Tell-Tale Heart”

For this essay, you will select a story (Poeas a?The Tell-Tale Hearta?) and formulate a thesis involving its treatment of contemporary issues, narrowly defined societal issue, as has been done in the examples below. Support your thesis by using primary source material (passages from the story) and secondary material in the form of literary criticism and/or material related to the societal issue in the form of various resources. All research material should be credible by an academic audience. Technical guidelines for this essay. 1. Within the introduction paragraph include story name and author. 2. The thesis statement located in in paragraph one is the central focus. 3. Quoted material should include a parenthetical notation following the direct quotation. A MLA bibliography should be at the end of the essay. 4. Secondary materials should be introduced with an attributive tag within the text.
This example on Poeas a?The Cask of Amontillado.a? focuses on bullying and argues that its effects may be devastating if allowed to continue.
Opening paragraph which includes the thesis:
At no time have we ever seen more attention focused upon the bullying of childrena at school and otherwisea than today. We know, for a fact, of the devastating consequences that may occur when victims of bullying are ignored and their tormenters allowed to continue. The results of such bullying may be seen, likewise, in Edgar Allan Poeas a?The Cask of Amontilladoa?a that is, if we are to believe Montresoras version of events, and we can. a?The Cask of Amontillado,a? a Nineteenth Century classic story, illustrates what countless modern instances of bullying have shown: the mental anguish suffered by individuals who are consistently abused and made to feel inferior can only be endured for so long before a breaking point is reached. While we see accounts in modern newscasts of sudden outbursts to release such tension, some, like Montresor, calculate careful strategies to avenge those, like Fortunado, who they feel have disrespected them.