Ontemporary Russian social problems: Alcoholism and masculinity in present-day Russia.”

Write a brief research paper on Contemporary Russian social problems: Alcoholism and masculinity in present-day Russia.The assignment requires you to consult a minimum of 5 outside sources and document your work. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 font, preferably Times New Roman) and contain an additional page with the bibliography. Use MLA style for all documentation.

How to Proceed. The following is intended as a partial guide for those who have never written a research paper:

1) Read the list of topics below and choose one that interests you. Then narrow it to manageable size (For example, if you are interested in traditional Russian celebrations that have survived in some form into the present, you might narrow it to a study of the present-day celebration of Christmas. If you find that there is too much information, you might further narrow it by region.)

2) Compile a list of works on your subject. One way to begin is to go on line to the Penn State home page, click on Libraries and then go to Data Bases. You can type your topic into the CAT, but you may find LionSearch more helpful. NB: You may have to change the words of your search slightly to get results. Now that you have a list of works, go through them very carefully to determine which ones might be useful.

3) Read the works you have chosen critically. Many will be available electronically. Eliminate those that are not useful. You may need to return to step 2 and add a few more items. You can also find useful references in the articles/books that you have chosen.

4) Begin the writing process. A good way to begin is by composing a short introduction that states what you will be doing and why you think it is important. Then you can outline the remainder of your paper by the sub-topics you wish to discuss in each paragraph.

5) Now write your paper making sure you have good lead sentences and cohesive paragraphs. All quotations, paraphrases, and other references to sources must have footnotes in accordance with the MLA style sheet.

6) Reread and correct. Pay close attention to spelling and grammar (they count toward your grade). Does your paper have overall coherence? Did you stay on topic, or do you stray? Are parts of your paper redundant? What needs to be eliminated, added, or rephrased for clarity? Would your paper read better if you changed the order of development? (You may have to rearrange paragraphs.) Is your documentation correct? Did you write a concluding paragraph? (Of course, you can hardly treat a topic thoroughly in 3-4 pages, so your conclusions will likely be tentative.)