Ontemporary Social Ploicy in Health and Social Care. Flexible Parent Working.

this module discusses social policy and the relationship to current practice. Policy to be discussed is the Flexible working Policy. Discuss the scope of the social policy and its impact on the personal and working lifes of individuals and employers.Analyse the concept of need and the inequaliites in health in the context of social policy.Discuss the relationship between underpinning ideologies and the development of the policy in the context of health care and social care. Discuss the concept of the mixed economy of welfare and comment on its influemce on welfare provision. Examine how the outcomes of the policy can be determined by those responsible for its implmentation. Discuss the contribution of health and social welfare professionals in the development of the social policy.
Discuss why tthe policy came about, why we need it,does it work, is it implemented in the right way, have other policies had to come in to address it. What does itr mena to the work environmnent. Who made it, and were they the right people to do so.
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Equal opportunity Policy
Disabled Ploicy
Maternity?paternity Leave