Ontemporary strategic issues for IS managers: Information Security

Assignment Details
All students are to write a literature review (2000 words + 10%) on the topic: Contemporary strategic issues for IS managers, which will involve a critical evaluation of the relevant existing literature. You should use at least 12 articles, 9 of which must be quality articles. Your work must contain a bibliography in an appropriate style, and must be fully referenced throughout.
Assessment Criteria
Criteria that will be used to assess your literature review are:
” Relevance to the set topic
” Coverage of the topic
” Evidence of suitable research and wider reading
” Evidence of thoughtfulness, insights and critical reflection on the readings undertaken
” Assertions and arguments made are grounded in literature and supported by evidence
” Evidence of an ability to distinguish between legitimate academic sources of quality material as opposed to more  popular sources
” Structure and coherence of the writing
” Referencing done according to appropriate tertiary standards
” High standards of literacy