Ontemporary Supply Chain Management and Consultancy management techniques

Module Combinations

As part of this integrated form of assessment you will need to be studying both of the following modules.
SAM Contemporary Supply Chain Management
Consultancy Management Techniques

Will upload the rest of the requirement.

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Previously completed task 1 last semester. This is task 2 with two module combined 3000 words, 1500 words each module.
238SAM Contemporary Supply Chain Management
LO3. Understand and apply appropriate management frameworks which can be used for the planning and control of materials and services, from the viewpoints of quality, quantity and cost analysis.
LO4. Understand the range of tools and techniques available to aid efficient and effective Supply chain managerial decision making.

251SAM Consultancy Management Techniques
LO1. Identify and select sources of data and information relevant to the decision making process
LO2. Analyse and present information to support decision making
LO3. Communicate results of information analysis and decision making
LO4. Select appropriate tools and techniques to support managerial decision making.

Met each single point as above,
This two module combine used the same case studies, Journal and books to support the essay.
Executive summary, Introduction, Conclusion / Recommendations, and reference need to be supplied in final report.
Graph and Chart needed for analyse the result.

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Here some lecturer PPT more clear about the Lo3&4 Supply Chain Management.