Ontemporary Theories of political Economy final essay

This is my Political Economy class essay. Please answer all of question and do your best...
Drawing upon D Harvey, J Frieden, I Wallerstein and N Klein describe the economic events and processes that led to a crisis in the global economya depending on the authorities you consult, sometime between 1968 and 1972.
(1) What role, in your view, did economic policies and decisiona?making play in this global economic crisis; which economic policies and decisions proved most instrumental?
(2) What role, in your view, was played by longa?term economic cycles or secular trends that were independent from any economic policies or decisions; and how would you describe these economic cycles or secular trends?
(3) Lay out the policies political actors implemented in response to these economic events and processes and explain why you feel that these policies were adequate or inadequate? (4) Finally, lay out the consequences of these cycles, trends, and policies for underdeveloped, developing and developed nations, specifying, where appropriate, whether and where they had different consequences for different underdeveloped, developing and developed nations (eg., for the US, EEC, and nona?aligned nations).

Required books:
1. Global capitalism by J Frieden
2. A Brief Histor of Neoliberalism by D. Harvey
3. The Three Hegemonies by I Wallerstein
4. The Shock Doctrine by N klein