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What is Sub-Prime letting?
What relationship is there between the UK and American Housing market?
To what extend has the US market effected the UK market?
What are the current conditions in the American Housing market with reference to Sub prime letting?
The aim is to identify the correlations between American Mortgage lenders and the UK lenders.
Economic conditions, interest rates, inflations and other factors.
With reference to economic conditions we may be able to identify as to why people are subjected to the sub prime market.
What are the pros and cons of sub prime mortgage lending.

Most of the research will have to be quantitative research, this should be taken from secondary sources like the government statistics Bank of England website.
You may want to disclose questionnaire to management levels in the relevant banks/ building societies. But there is no guarantee
Relying on a lot of secondary Quantitative source such as books, articles and journals to support my findings.
Theories taken from text books will support the statistics.
Primary quantitative research may be a limiting factor again because it would be hard to find a good source.

Use charts, diagrams and appendix
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