Ontemportary Developments in Management: Outsourcing

Assessment Strategy:
This is based on a writen assignment which will require the student to demonstrate critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of a contemporary management issue of their choice.
The assessment if to identify a major area of change, describe it and assess why it is important. The response will include an analysis of how the organisation or organisations (of their choice) has responded to the change of and is responding to the change.

SYLLABUS: This is to look at how organisations behave and how they respond in practice to emergent issues. The syallbus looks at some of the basic of organisationa behaviour and management theory; it then considers the issues of interest and of significance to all organisations. Inportantly looking at how organisations respond in practice to the emergent issues and the theories an applications of change management.

Word Count: 2,500
Criteria: Select One Contemporary issue in Management. Critically evaluate the practical evidence surrounding this issue and briefly relate it to any theoretical research findings.
Title: Contemporary Developments in Management; Outsourcing

BRIEF: the lecturer has stated that he wants no more than 500-600 wors relating to theory. The rest is to be analysis evaluationa and apolication applied to the organisation as a whole.