Ontemprary Culture Challenging the Irish Catholic Church

The course is The Politics of Irish Nationalism
In the paper I would like to discuss the influence that popular culture (with a focus on television and media) has had on the power of the Catholic Church particularily in matters such as sexuality (abortion) and womens rights. Ultimately how has this shaped/ is shaping contemporary Ireland today

Here is some information for the bibliography (if you want to source them)

A great feast of light by John Doyle ISBN: 0385660421

Irelands others: Ethnicity and gender in Irish literature and popular culture by Elizabeth Butler-Cullingford ISBN: 0268031673

Irish Pilgrammage: Holy wells and popular Catholic Devotion by Michael Carroll ISBN: 080186190X

Reinventing Ireland by Peadar Kirby ISBN: 074531824X

* journals are okay to cite aswell, though I dont have suggestions for this