Ontent Analysis of Australian Tourism Facebook Page: A Case Study of Government Use of Social Media

I have to do a Research Paper about Australian Tourism Facebook page.
Its contains;
An understanding of community
Is there one?
What is the structure? Frequency? Power users?
SNA analysis?
More detailed analysis of content of the discussion forum
Who are participating? Frequency?
Understanding workflow, moderation & governance (My part)
Understanding value, ROI & Sustainability (My part)

The part that I want you to do;
Understanding workflow, moderation & governance
Understanding value, ROI & Sustainability

Their Facebook fan page;

However, I have attached some files that will help you with research:
Information about Tourism Australia fan page.pdf (which contains some numbers about their fan page).
Assessment rubric (which contains criteria sheet) As I am hoping to get excellent.
Past.pdf (which is a previous issue paper at the same subject), It will help you to know the structure that I want.

Issue paper should have some figures, models ..etc
Dont do introduction, conclusion ..etc, as I am going to do it after. Just do the two parts that I mentioned above.

I have chosen Managementas Paper subject, and I am not sure in which subject my paper come under. It could be under one or two of Management, tourism, IT, marketing or education”.

I will attach on my CP.

Any information you want, please let me know.