Ontent for a Religious Congregational Website Aimed at Young Adults

Read the scenario details and assignment mandate below.
Make sure that the description of each proposed link is clear.
The word limit is 400 words.
Your word count must be indicated at the beginning of the
assignment. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the limit.
The assignment is worth a total of three (3) marks in the course.
Note the grading criteria indicated for the proposal.
The assignment is due any time before the final exam date.

Assume that you have been hired as a consultant by the head of some religious congregation in Montreal (e.g. a pastor, reverend, rabbi, imam, etc.). The particular congregation head is faced with the challenge of trying to motivate more interest in religion and in participating in the life of the community on the part of the young adults (i.e. ages 17-22) within the geographical boundaries of the congregation.

The congregation head believes that the development of a congregational website specifically targeted to this group might be the appropriate strategy to adopt. With this in mind, s/he believes that YOU  with your real-life experience and familiarity and understanding of the target group  are the ideal person to provide recommendations and guidance as to what content and links should be incorporated into the website. Be as specific and complete as possible with your descriptions and recommendations.

N.B. Should any of the content not be your own creation, the citation of the source used
or the specific link you are recommending must be provided. Any complete
assignment that is taken from a single source is not permitted.

Grading Criteria Quality of the Proposal Apparent in-depth thinking Original/creative thinking Clarity of content Comprehensiveness Focus/Relevance re Target Market Achievement of mandate Adherence to word li