Ontent Review: Copyright and Fair Use LEGAL

Analyze Case Study 4.4, School Budget Blues and Copyright using the Case Study Review Grid provided in the Week 1 Learning Resources. Write one or two paragraphs in which you do the following:

1. Identify the legal issues involved in the case. Make a decision on the case indicating how you would handle it if you were the administrator of the school. Identify the ethical paradigm on which your decision is based.
2. Choose two of the following prompts and respond:
Suggest two ways in which confusion or lack of understanding of copyright and fair use laws might have a negative impact on education and learning.
What is the purpose of copyright protection?
Define Trans formativeness. Give an example to support your definition.
Define fair use. List four factors used to determine if a use of copyrighted materials is fair.
What is the difference between Fair Use, a licensing agreement, and Creative Commons?
What limits did the TEACH Act put on sharing copyrighted material in an online learning environment?

3. Complete Chart

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