Ontentious Issue of Smoking versus Non-Smoking case : Ethics assignment

Read the rights Case (rights example.doc) from the file, and use it as the basis for your essay. This is just a sample for your guidance.

TASK: Define the elements of the rights theory of ethical action. In your definition, be sure to outline the steps required when attempting to undertake an effective rights analysis.

Using the case available for your help (rights example.doc), provide a Rights analysis of the Contentious Issue of Smoking versus Non-Smokingcase. Detail and justify the decision you would make (as an Ethical Rights activist) in this case.

Remember you should do a rights analysis for the Contentious Issue of Smoking versus Non-Smokingonly (please read it). The (rights example.doc) is there to give you an idea.

Note : There is a guidelines and format file you should read. Please follow the guidelines (it is essential that you follow them). If you are not sure on how to do a rights analysis, read the lecture notes.
Harvard Referencing style only