Ontext is all(Margaret Atwood). Does this mean there is no such thing as truth?

This essay is for the International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledgeclass. So it may be helpful to look up the criteria for this essay prior to writing as it is not such a simple essay to gain marks in. The basic crteria for marking is as follows:
A) Understanding knowledge issues focused on knowlede issues, links and comparisons, relevant, sophisticated understanding.
B) Analysis of knowledge issues Insight and depth, main points justiied, arguments and counter arguments, assumtions and implications.
C) Knowers perspective independent thinking, self-awareness, different perspectives, varied examples.
D) Organisation of ideas Well-structured, key concepts explained, factual accuracy, references.

Those are the four Blockswhere marks are gained. This entire essay is built up on Ways of knowingwhich include, language, reason, emotion and perception. These four areas interlink with Areas of knowledgemeaning science, history etc. all aspects should be incorporated into the essay at some point. The essay should have an introductory paragraph, at least 2 core paragraphs and a conclusion.