Ontext Level Diagram and Level 0 Diagram

Title: Systems Analysis and Design, Video Enhanced (8th Ed.)
Author(s): Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt
Physical ISBN: 0-538-47443-2 eBook
Publisher: Course Technology
Chapter 1,2,3,4,5

Deliverable 1: You have completed your work with regards to the following diagrams:
Context and Level 0. Both are depicted above. Now, in order to ensure accuracy, itas
time for us to explain these drawings to our business partners. For this deliverable
please provide the following:
1) APA formatted paper that fully describes, in your own words, both diagrams. You
must have a section that addresses the Context Diagram and another section that
describes the Level 0 Diagram. In order to properly explain the requirements
represented by these diagrams, multiple pages are going to be required. It is absolutely essential that our business partners and technical team have accurately
captured the requirements as weave learned them to date!
Deliverable 2: CASE tools are very important to our work as Systems Analysts. For this
section of your Assignment please supply the following:
1) A detailed description in your own words that describes what CASE tools are and
how they can be helpful to our assignment. Please keep in mind that the audience
for this paper is our business partners. Ensure that the terms you use are ones
that the business folks will understand.
2) Provide two examples of CASE tools today. For each example, detail, in your own
words what features and value this tool has.
Assignment requirements:
i · Context Diagram Explanation
i · Diagram 0 Explanation
i · CASE tool explanation
i · Find two examples of CASE Tools on the Internet and supply a detailed
explanation in our own words as to what their strengths and weaknesses are.

1. Detailed explanation of what the
TIMS Context Diagram represents. You
explanation must be clear and concise
and in a language your business partner
would understand. A major purpose of
this document is to further understand
business requirements. Both the I.T.
teams and Business teams must have a
clear understanding. Your work will be
evaluated on how accurately and
effectively you capture the requirements
depicted in this diagram.
2. Detailed explanation of what the
TIMS Level 0 Diagram represents. The
Level 0 diagram defines Business
Requirements in further detail from the
Context Diagram. Hence, all of the
criteria outlined above for the Context
diagram also apply to your Level 0
3. Case tool explanation/description
4. Two examples provided of CASE tools
with detailed explanations.