Ontext of Workplace Education and Training Essay 2 (3000words)

Assignment 2
Weight: 60%
Length: 3000 words

Option 1

Critically discuss the issues and challenges your workplace and industry have had to grapple with in responding to the impact of global and national developments on workplace education and training.

Suggested Strategy

a) Describe the education and training programs in your workplace and industry.

b) Overview some recent changes which have occurred to the design and delivery of education and training activities and programs in your workplace and your industry.

c) Discuss the links between these changes and some of the national and international developments discussed in this Unit.

d) Identify some of the issues or problems which have had to be faced by your workplace and or industry, particularly in meeting the changing requirements of the national VET system (eg introducing CBT, or developing training packages, or accessing qualified trainers or training providers).

e) Draw out your own conclusions regarding the costs and benefits of recent changes in workplace education and training for your own practice, and the issues you expect to face in the future.

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