Ontextual Analysis Essay about a?The Vietnam in Mea?

a? You will need a unique way of viewing the text in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of the text.
a? You will need to organize your essay in a typical academic manner (thesis statement at the end of the introduction, PIE paragraphs).

a? You will need to find and use at least three additional texts that add to your understanding of the primary text. These texts will introduce historical, philosophical, theoretical, and/or biographical information that cast(s) the primary text in a new light. These texts are not necessarily about the primary text. Instead, they enrich your close reading of the primary text by adding new contextual information. A dictionary does not count as an additional text.

Thesis Statement: A strong thesis statement serves as a guide to your essay for your reader. Typically, the thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction to an essay and is one or two statements. It makes a claim that a reasonable person could disagree witha it is not a statement of fact. This means that the thesis statement is arguable and must be supported with evidence from the text. It is NOT a summary of the authoras essay you are analyzing

The primary text is the main stuff that you are analyzing. The secondary text is about creating some framework to the primary one by introducing historical, philosophical, theoretical, and biographical information that can casts the primary text in a new light. And it also can be a broader collection of themes or a contextual frame that you use to focus your analysis. What more, secondary text does not have to directly address the primary one. You should develop the relationship between the primary text and the secondary text. This can be called a contextual frame. The secondary source is kind of the thing that has a direct relationship to the primary text, such as an analysis about a literary text, a critique of a photograph, or a movie review. Choosing a contextual framework is also an essential part of the essay. Without any doubt, the PIE is also the very important thing

The movie In a better worldis a good movie to be the second source of the Contextual Analysis.

there are three example charts about how to organize the essay, please read carefully!

CHART ONE: Essay Structure for Text-in-Context Essay
This chart is using Sam Hamillas essay as a lens text or secondary source.

TITLE of your essay should suggest your theme or focus
INTRODUCTIONs have five a?partsa? --
1) First, give a short summary of the theme of your essay, the social issue, or the cultural problem the text addresses. You could use a secondary source to help you.
2) Then, if youare writing about social witness, introduce Sam Hamill; quote and explain 1 or 2 of his ideas about what poets should do or what writing or speaking do. These are the premises for your argument.
3) Then, probably by analyzing the quote, make a transition to the text that you are going to analyze a introduce the writer and the title of your primary text.
4) Then write your thesis: your thesis should make a connection between Hamillas ideas and the primary text a the story/essay/poem you are going to discuss.
5) Here you will list your subtopics: 1, 2, 3, 4. Subtopics become body paragraphs.

BODY PARAGRAPHS are like the body paragraphs in Essays 1 & 2, except that you might add quotes and evidence from secondary sources as well as from the text you are analyzing.

POINT of Paragraph One a should relate back to thesis & should make an assertion
about witness & the text youare analyzing.
Paragraph One a should be about the a?easiesta? thing to prove OR about
something you must discuss first or the next one wonat make sense.
ILLUSTRATION: includes quotes & details from the story
AND from Hamillas essay or from other secondary sources.
EXPLANATION: tell us why the details mean what you say they mean, why they
affect the reader, or why they are examples of witness, etc. You
need to explain Hamillas quotes, too.
TRANSITION: help us get to the next idea. If your body paragraphs are in the
wrong order, it will be hard to write good transitions.
Paragraph Two
Paragraph Three
Paragraph Four
Paragraph Five: All body paragraphs should use P*I*E*T. You should probably
work your way to the most complicated ideas. Be sure to use
parenthetical citations.

You might begin your conclusion by summing up, but you will want to take your ideas a step further, just like you did in your last paper. You should probably refer to the ideas of witness you brought up in your introduction. You should probably discuss what the reader learns from reading the text a why is it important that the writer wrote this? What do we learn from it? Why is the text relevant? What does it teach us or get us to a?seea? about our society or culture that we might not understand otherwise?
This chart includes three possible approaches to text-in-context essay.

TITLE of your essay should suggest your theme or focus

1) Give a short intro to your theme or focus:
a) a?Domestic abuse is a big problem in this countrya? a add statistics?
b) a?Bearing witness means to uncover things that history may have hidden.a?
c) a?In the late 1980as, because of AIDS, there was an increase in prejudice against gay people.a?
2) Find an idea from Sam Hamillas essay that helps you be more specific:
a) a?Our silence grants violence permissiona? ( 470).
b) a?The poet may speak for the speechless, for the suffering and the wounded. The poet is a conscience, walkinga? (470).
c) a?Because writing creates emotion in the audience, the writeras responsibility is enormous. Arousing passion, exploring the grief of loss, making another laugh, showing someone how to carea these are the concerns of the writera? (465-66).
(Note: either before or after quote, maybe before AND after, youall need to provide transitions or interpretation to help reader understand how youare getting from one idea to another, to provide paragraph coherence.)
3) Introduce the author & text you will discuss:
a) Karen Brennan is one author who speaks out against domestic abuse.
b) In her essay, a?Ghosts,a? Katherine Huntas father tries to protect her from his past by being silent about how racism affected him, but we see that his silence caused distance between them and hurt her.
c) In Michael Lassellas poem, a?How to Watch Your Brother Die,a?
4) Write the central claim of your thesis:
a) Her story a?Runawaysa? shows the effect of domestic abuse on both women and children.
b) Huntas essay, in giving her father a voice, shows that race may be hard to define but that the a?ghosta? of race or the legacy of racism hurts families.
c) he wants the reader to vicariously experience the emotions the narrator is going through so that they might begin to see gay people as human beings with the same concerns as everyone else.

Subtopic 1
a) Her husband mistreats her in 2 ways.

b) in the essay Hunt a?speaksa? for her father who has been speechless

c) use of a?youa? to put the reader in the narratoras a?shoesa? so we feel his grief and his guilt
Subtopic 2
a) The way she makes bad decisions a her fear of him, etc.
Her sister?
b) she tells of the suffering of her father & of her own suffering b/c of her fatheras silence
c) brotheras relationship with his lover; the community of friends a brother was just like him
Subtopic 3
a) The children? The stories about the mussel?
b) conscience: speaks so that we will see that even if race is hard to define, legacy of racism lives on in families a haunt