Ontextual Analysis Essay about Revolutionary Road”


Primary texti?s Revolutionary Road

secondary textsi?s Floating
The Story of an Hour
Green Figs and Cherries
Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot

For a Contextual essay, you will look at a text and add other sources, other texts for the purpose of your analysis. You will look at how texts a?talka? to one another and affect one another.

You will write a Contextual analysis of a primary text and incorporate 4 secondary sources to support your analysis. This means you must paraphrase or quote something from the source inside your essay.

Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph which presents the topic you are writing on. The last sentence of the introduction paragraph should be the Thesis Statement. Your thesis statement should reflect the meaning you found in the text. The main part of your essay should analyze the primary text and how secondary texts influence the meaning readers find in the primary text. Then your conclusion should finish your discussion and suggest the importance of this meaning.

Use P(point) I(illustration) E(explain)in every body paragraph. In every body paragraph, there are two illustration by using quotation(one is from the primary text, another one is from the secondary text).