Ontextual Analysis-What are you going, where have you been?by Joyce Carol Oates

Essay Three: Contextual Analysis
Assignment Goals:
i? Demonstrate that youave read the text closely, carefully, and critically.
i? Show a critical awareness of the authoras choices and strategies.
i? Develop a clear, specific thesis that invites the readers to understand the text as you do.
i? Analyze elements of the text that contribute to the overall meaning or effect.
i? Integrate textual evidence to support your thesis.
i? Smoothly incorporate research materials and correctly document them to support your analysis.

Assignment: Choose one of the five texts listed below. Write an essay in which you argue for an interpretation based upon a close reading; analyze how that meaning is created through specific patterns and details in the text. In addition, use at least three additional texts that enrich your understanding of the primary text. Spend a minimum amount of time summarizing the primary text and a maximum amount of time analyzing it.

a? a?The Vietnam in Mea? by Tim OaBrien
a? a?The Yellow Wallpapera? by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
a? a?Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?a? by Joyce Carol Oates
a? a?Charlie Howardas Descenta? by Mark Doty
a? a?Disneyas Sub/Version of Andersenas The Little Mermaida? by Roberta Trites

Audience: Write your analysis for me, for your classmates, and for other readers who are at least somewhat familiar with the text you have chosen to analyze.

a? You will need a unique way of viewing the text in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of the text.
a? You will need to organize your essay in a typical academic manner (thesis statement at the end of the introduction, PIE paragraphs).
a? You will need to find and use at least three additional texts that add to your understanding of the primary text. These texts will introduce historical, philosophical, theoretical, and/or biographical information that cast(s) the primary text in a new light. These texts are not necessarily about the primary text. Instead, they enrich your close reading of the primary text by adding new contextual information. A dictionary does not count as an additional text.

Thesis Statement: A strong thesis statement serves as a guide to your essay for your reader. Typically, the thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction to an essay and is one or two statements. It makes a claim that a reasonable person could disagree witha it is not a statement of fact. This means that the thesis statement is arguable and must be supported with evidence from the text. It is NOT a summary of the authoras essay you are analyzing.

Example Thesis Statements:
a? In a?The Unicorn in the Garden,a? Thurber argues that men are so dominated by women that they must resort to cruel tricks to find peace.
a? Through a?A Very Short Story,a? Hemingway suggests that since the nature of love is transitory, waiting around for true love leads to desperation and loneliness.

Length: 1500 a 1600 words (5 a 6 double-spaced typed pages). Include a word count on the essay. For each 10% your essay is under the required length, a reduction of 1/3 of a letter grade will be applied when the assignment is graded.

Format: Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Follow MLA manuscript format instructions carefully. You will find these instructions in Hackeras Rules for Writers section 56. The sample manuscript on pages 71-72 of Rules for Writers provides you with a model of what your essay should look like. I do not want a separate title page. Please number your pages and staple them together.

Grading Standards: When I evaluate your essay, I will consider your focus (thesis), analysis (how well you explain and decipher your points), organization (how the pieces fit together), strength of proof (persuasiveness), ingenuity (novelty of approach), rhetorical awareness (the effectiveness of your essay given its context), style (tone/word choice), and mechanics (grammar and spelling).

An A essay needs to have an unusual but logical title, a balanced and organized introduction that engages readers in your topic, an innovative thesis that is debatable and manageable, a forecasting statement, a purposeful structure that is crystal clear, in-depth analysis in the form of extended PIE paragraphs, a perfect or near-perfect use of mechanics, a mix of sentence structures, and accurate, college-level vocabulary. Your essay also needs to match or stretch beyond the assignment and demonstrate a deliberate and appropriate use of tone and style.
Due Date: December 2, 2011

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