Ontextual Anaylysis Are Critique Paper on Stairway at Auvers

One source must be from a book or journal. The other 2 can be from the internet. Wikipedia doesnt count as a source.

Here are the instructions that were given to me. Thanks. I live in Saint Louis and chose Vincent Van Goghs work Stairway to Auvers

1. IDENTIFICATION: At the museum or museum site, you are to select a work of art. You may select a piece that you like or dislike. Copy down all the information provided; Artist, title, medium, year, etc. Write down your initial responses. How do you respond to the work? Does it invoke an emotional response? What do you think the artist was trying to communicate? It is helpful to bring a notebook to record your responses.
2. DESCRIBE the piece. Look at it CAREFULLY. What do you see? Note all the details about the work. How would you describe it to a blind person, or to someone you were talking to on the phone, who cani??t see it?
3. ANALYZE the visual elements and design principles as you did in the short paper. Think about the relationship between form, content and subject matter in your analysis. This will be helpful in your interpretation of the work. Use the terminology you have learned in class, particularly terms in Chapters 2 -5. Your analysis should be based your own observations while viewing the work.
4. INTERPRETATION Follow your analysis with a subjective interpretation of the meaning of the work. How does the work make you feel? What do you think the content is? Go beyond i??I like iti?? or i??I doni??t like it.i??
5. RESEARCH the artist. Historical and biographical information often provides clues into a works context and its intended meaning.
6. VALUE JUDGEMENT. What do you think the artists intentions were? Was this communicated? Does it have value? Can you recognize the aesthetic quality in the work?