Ontextual and thematic parameters of a medical book translation from English to Italian

1x 4,000 word essay to discuss the relevant contextual and thematic parameters of a translation of a medical booklet on bone marrow transplantation from English to Italian. Specifically the impact of Globalization on translation for example as examined in the context of the translation health information booklet on Bone Marrow Transplant Patients. The cultural and ethical aspects associated with the translation it s impact on the Italian readers.

Include current theoretical debates, international trends and issues in contemporary social and political discourses on global change.

The dissertation should be able to:
” identify contemporary debates and trends in international social and political discourses on global change
” describe and explain the context and significance of the major debates and trends
” compare and critically evaluate interdisciplinary perspectives on globalism.

Key concepts in globalism; social, political and linguistic transformations; international and intercultural perspectives; global civil society; multinational corporations; impact on national and cultural identity; language change and language loss; critical approaches to social inquiry.