Ontextual Evaluation of Current Marketing Issues

CRITICALLY evaluate the three current marketing issues (Globalisation,Sustainability and Innovation)The presentation should incorporate an overview of the key theoretical concepts and research areas and identify implications for marketing practitioners within APPLE. The presentation should be accompanied by a comprehensive set of speakeras notes.The speaker notes should be no more than 750 words with a full list of references should accompany the presentation slides.Provide an overview of the area, the conceptual model, issue under discussion, key questions for marketers and implications for marketing practitioners.examine the various factors underpinning the area, key trends, leading authors and theories, and future implications.the piece should also have:
1.Comprehensive coverage of key areas / concepts
2.Provides an extensive and relevant bibliography which demonstrates a range of sources used a academic articles, books, internet, trade journals, published statistics etc sources and consistently correctly cited using the Harvard method.Also demonstrates a creative approach to identifying suitable research materials.Also able to identify some original and rare sources.
3.Clear and evidenced explanation of research focus linked to theory and demonstrating originality.
4.Each of the key areas / concepts is considered in the context of the research focus, alternative viewpoints presented and a judgement made which can be supported by the evidence and which leads to recommendations which are supported by evidence. Demonstrates originality and understanding of wider business context.

Referencing Requirements:
Peer reviewed academic journals and relevant texts.