Ontextual Factors: Knowing Your Students

A little information first of all…:
Knowing your students and classroom demographic information is critical in planning your instruction and classroom management plan. The teacher must be knowledgeable of the differences and similarities within the class. Each class is distinctive in the needs and the diversity of the students with regards to their learning styles, ethnicity, academic levels, socioeconomic status, cultures etc.

The assignment is to:
Construct a matrix of the various contextual factors that can occur within a classroom, specifically the first grade level. What are the general and specific implications of the contextual information demonstrated in your matrix? How will the differences and similarities impact your daily interactions, instruction, planning, and classroom management?

Please tailor this report to sound as it would actually be within a classroom of first graders. Specifics about this classroom that may be helpful when preparing this order are that there are a total of 24 students in the class. 13 boys and 11 girls. 3 students have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2 boys and one girl), all students speak English as their first language, and have similar socioeconomic backgrounds. This classroom is in a private Catholic School. Learning styles and academic levels vary.

Write a report in which you summarize the data from your matrix and analyze the implications that will direct your planning, teaching, and classroom management plan.