Ontinence Promotion in acute care servises

Criteria the project.
1. present a literature rewiew on the chosen topicI have chosen continence promotion in acute care servises”
2. 2000 word count(+/-10%) literature review with reference to the relevant literature.
1. identify a topic relevant to nursing
2. undertake an inital search of databases
3. select 4-6 primary sourses relevant to chosen topic
4. read and identify distinct themes relating to the topic
5. review and analyse literature within each team
6. identify methodoloigies the different researchers use
7. summarise and identify key arguments indicating how they relate to the theme
8. prepare and write the outline literature rewiew
9. outline the relevance and implications for nursing practice
10. include a minimum of 10 references in reference list (4-6 primary sourses and remaining secondary sourses)
11. apply academic writing skills
12. HARVARD REFERENCING system to be used according to cite it rite.
13. referencses not included in word count.
14 appendicses if used not included in word count.
15. the review must be word prossed using 12 point font, typeface times new roman and 1.5 line spacing.
16. a4 sized paper and double sided copies to save trees”
17. pages are to be numbered.
18. right,left and bottom margins should be 3.5cm wide and top margin to be 1.5cm wide.
recommended sequence of rewiew:
1. cover page
2. introduction
3. main body of text
4. conclusion
5. referencses/appendices (if any).
Thank you