Ontingency Theory of Leadership/Empowerment

Please refer the text below to answer the questions below. Also additional supporting material along with quotes can be used: Hughes, R.L. & Ginnett, R.C. & Curphy, and G.J. (2009). Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Refer to chapters 11-12.

Discussion1: Contingency Theory of Leadership (discussion forum) Highlight the most prominent situations affecting leadership from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Then, briefly discuss two of the contingency theories of leadership.

Discussion 2: Empowerment (discussion forum) Leaders inspire and encourage their followers to reach objectives they have deemed important. The ability to empower others to reach these objectives is a key skill of a leader. Discuss the concept of empowerment and the best practices associated with empowerment.
One question arose when assessing these successes and failures a do situations have something to do with effective leadership? The reading assignment of the week (chapters 11-12) provides us interesting findings on such question.