Ontinuation of Internet Activities Online Audio & Video

From on of the locations below, choose 3 different audio/video podcasts
of interest to you (at least one of each). Try to include a mix of fun and
intellectual. Listen to at least 1 episode of each podcast you choose.
a? iTunes Store (podcasts are free, and this is the simplest
a? Podcast Alley –
After this you are going to write a report :Your
report should include the following:
a. Names, descriptions and reviews of the podcasts you listened too
b. An evaluation of your podcasting experience (did you enjoy it?,
why?, is it something you would do again?, etc.)
c. How did the two technologies compare?
d. The advantages & disadvantages of strictly audio vs. video
All 5 of the technologies examined are part of a new wave of
information distribution. They center on end-users providing information
to other end-users (rather than information distributed by large media
conglomerates). Using specific examples from what youave experienced
in these activities, write about 500 words discuss how technologies like
these have changed our culture, and why they are so successful. What
other technologies have you used that would fall into this area?