Ontinuing Personal and Professional Development

Write a reflective essay based on an updated action plan which discusses the development of your personal and professional skills so far in the course, and how this learning has been applied.

Here is my action plan/SMART Targets:

What is my Goal or SMART Target
What do I need to do to achieve this target
When will I achieve this target by?
When will I need to review my progress?
How I am getting on?

Complete my adult led activity with my key children.
Do research on physical development. Plan my activity at the beginning of the week and do the activity with the children.
Friday 14th November 2014
Wednesday 12th November 2014
12/11/14 a My activity is planned out and written down ready for the children. I have done the activity with my key children and only two more children need to do it.
14/11/14 a I have finished my activity with my last two children and it is all written up.

Update personal knowledge on safeguarding.
Research a suitable course to attend and apply for the training.
Tuesday 18th November 2014
Tuesday 28th October 2014
28/10/14 a A safeguarding course has been apply and the course is on Monday 17th November, a 2 hours course.
18/11/14 a I have completed my 2 hours safeguarding course and received my certificate for it.

Complete an online Female Genital Mutilation course.
Organise myself 2 hours to complete the course.
Tuesday 25th November 2014
Tuesday 18th November 2014
18/11/14 a Has arranged time on Sunday 23rd November to complete the course.
25/11/14 a I have completed the online course but it has took e 3 hours to do it. I have also printed out my certificate for it.

Complete my Christmas shopping done.
Write a list of things that I need to get. Arrange time for it by finishing all my work at the beginning of the week to have the weekend free.
Sunday 7th December 2014
Sunday 30th November 2014
30/11/14 a Most of my Christmas shopping is done online, didnat have time to go out for it.
7/12/14 a All my Christmas shopping is done and I just waiting for one more present to arrive.
15/12/14 a My last Christmas present has arrived.

Please use up to date references from UK only, thank you

Why is action planning good or bad?
What did you use to get your SMART targets?
-Learning Styles
SWOT analysis
24/7 Time Management Sheet
Priorities sheet

What is the impact to your practice?
Weaknesses and strengths