Ontinuing Professional Development Planning / CPDP

It is not an essay,it is Professional Development Planning .
(Remember professional not personal plan)

Identify key goals for the year ahead and how you plan to achieve them.

-You can use as many pages of the a?CPDPa Matrix as you need
-Follow the example of a good CPDP (I will attach it)
-What weaknesses / areas for improvement remain now in relation to skills and qualities of successful managers AND the content of this module?
Set at least five goals including detailed planning for the next 12 months
Your goals should be related to skills and qualities of successful managers
Do this thoroughly, but each category should be concise
Apply S:M.A.R.T. objectives to your Development Plan (see handout and PowerPoint Presentation)
Formatting: Arial 11 font, line spacing 1,15

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