Ontinuous Performance Improvement in the management of customer expectations in the UK airline industry

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I would like the proposal in 3 days time and the dissertation content every week on a wednesday.

Continuous Performance Improvement in the management of customer expectations in the UK airline industry

Word count: 15000 words

Material to reference: maximum of 80 articles (no text if we can help it!)

My Proposal : 2000 words required by Saturday the 24th February 2007 (3 days time) I reuire copies of the reference material used.

And to include Interview questions and Questionnaire questions.
To include:

 Prepare a research proposal and
illustrative work programme for a prospective dissertation.

2000 words

The following is illustrative!


1. Introduction
” Introduce the research topic:
  My research topic is about organisational development/change X
  The proposed research will explore the topic of organisational development. According to W(1994) organisation development concerns the process of & & & √
” Why?
  I am currently employed at Y and they are undergoing a change process X
  Organisational development involves a planned and systematic process to change an organisation s culture, systems and behaviours in order to improve an organisation s effectiveness in achieving its objectives (Gibson, Ivancevich and Donnelly (1995). Thus, if the process of change is managed effectively the outcome for the organisation can be enhanced productivity and/or service delivery. The case of organisation X presents an opportunity to undertake study a change process and whether an effective systematic approach enabled or enhanced the organisation s effectiveness.√
 Provide some background to the study e.g. describe the organisation and process (briefly)
” With the introduction write a paragraph that takes the reader on a journey, explain what you will be covering, discussing, etc
2. Definition of the research area/topic and discuss its relevance to academic debate
” Develop a conceptual and theoretic framework
” Provide a number of definitions of topic e.g. organisational development
o Some quotes
o Many paraphrased
o Some seminal work and then contemporary
o Provide the academic debate
 Show engaging with literature
 Rigor
 Understand
o Own analysis, opinion and conceptual development
o Remember to Reference!

” So what? Why is this relevant?
” Link it back to your case  relevancy of the topic to your research case
” Semblance of a Literature Review
3. Aims and key research questions suggested by the management literature (what you covered in 2)

 Avoid bullet points of aims

  According to X (1994), Y (1996), Z (1999) the key element to a successful organisational development process is a change agent who inspires employees to commit and adopt the new organisational vision, and hence a change in organisational culture. The research aim will be to explore whether there has been a commitment and adoption of employees of the new vision. A further research aim will be to explore whether there has been a change in organisational culture. However, according to W (2000) a cultural change is not an end in itself, but rather the true indicator of organisational development is whether the organisation has improved it effectiveness in achieving its objectives. Thus, the research will also attempt to explore whether there has been an improvement in organisation X s effectiveness. (remember for section 4 how are you going to measure or study this?)
 Research questions
o Don t ask too many
o Narrow the focus on key questions you want answered
o The research questions will centre on;
 Has employees of organisation X adopted the new vision?
 Are employees committed to the new vision of organisation X?
 Has there been a cultural change at organisation X?
 Has there been a increased effectiveness at organisation X in achieving its objectives?

4. Research approach, design and key methods

 Exploratory, deductive, inductive?
 Why?
 Qualitative and/or quantitative
 Research method(s)
i. Interviews  what kind?
I would like help to prepare interview questions
Intend to do semi structured interview, 10 -12 collectively
Or 6 interviews from eg front desk, cabin crew, baggage handlers.
ii. Questionnaire  what type?
Require help with compiling questionnaire
Preferably electronic questionnaire, estimate 10% returns
 Rationale!!!!
 How are you going to conduct the research?
 Organisation(s)  description in broad terms
 Population and sample
 Sampling (random, opportunistic, non-random etc)
 Think about how you are going to answer your research questions!
 How will you analyse?
 Consider ethical issues
 Limitations
i. Research design
ii. Sampling
iii. Remember validity?
iv. Time?

5. Illustrative work plan (Gantt chart; appendix)
6. Conclusion
 What is the significance of this research?
 Main issue
 Link to back to literature and aim of research

 Formality of language and style
 References and bibliography
 Link literature to research; not discrete section
 Assume reader knows nothing, guide them on a path to understanding what you propose to do
 Logical flow: style and argument

My Thoughts on Dissertation Content:

” Why?
The career path I intend to follow is Service Management, part of my preparation is to study customer satisfaction and expectation, which is a fundamental issue to any business or organisation. Airports are one of the most widely recognised operations which include both macro and micro operations. I will be choosing the micro operation of the airlines themselves and how customer satisfaction and expectation is both experienced by the user? and managed by the organisation, including the implementation of procedures, tools and preventative measures adopted to overcome, using continuous performance improvement in the internal to external environment and reducing waste.

My choice is pivoted around the rise and fall of UK airlines and the measure of customer satisfaction and expectation, and improving continuous performance improvement in the internal to external environment and reducing waste and the failure to meet customers expectations.


Finding: examples
Remedies: strategies and/or method of recovery improvement
Improvement: what, where, how and why

Secondary data: I have had a problem sourcing
Primary data: airlines data
Failure and recovery in organisation
Whatthey do
How they coped
ID new areas of improvement and measures

Research Output:
Literature review
Research Methods
Airport information (need to identify an airport to source information and conduct data collection)

Critical success factors
Ensuring customer satisfaction
That customer satisfaction is ensured

Are they the same or different?
Common areas of concern or pitfalls
Special attention: what areas
e.g. blankets available or not
overbooking ect.

Interviews of workers*:

Number: 10-12
Front desk 6
Cabin crew 6
Baggage handlers 6
Advised 10 if conducted individually

Questionnaires: can be done electronically*

*Require the questions in for proposal