Ontinuous Professional Development Appraisal Schedule

its like the journal that once every two weeks. Each entry should be approximately 500 words(+/_ 10%)
1, ?What new skills and experiences have you acquired in the past 12 months?
What skills do you want to develop throughout this inquiry?
2, ?How would you describe your contribution to the team?
How might you improve your contribution?
3, ?What challenges have you experienced during the inquiry?
How have you addressed these challenges?
4, ?How is your group managing the inquiry?
What are your preferred roles/tasks/skills within the group?
5, ?What has been your biggest mistake during this project?
What have you learn from it?
6, ?What have you found most valuable during this experience?
?What business skills have you learnt from the inquiry?

I am a international student, and this course is innovation. there are 8 people in our group. (2 local people, 6 international)my group leader(one of local people) and another local member changed to onther group for personal reason in the middle of this term.