Ontinuous Professional Development Portfolio

Continuous Professional Development Portfolio
Assignment 2 is a Continuous Professional Development Portfolio with the following elements:
A 3000 word (+/-10%) reflective review of your personal, professional, and academic learning and development experience and forward agenda in relation to your aims, aspirations and capabilities (knowledge, skills, attitudes and other attributes) and their actual and intended outcomes including attention to your leadership and management capabilities and outcomes as a thinking performer.

The reflective review is likely to include attention to a range of activities, including:
Work based learning
Personal learning
Formal learning
Informal learning
The reflective review is likely to include attention to:
Reflection on each activity or learning opportunity
Demonstration of what the student will do differently because of the learning gained
Evidence of the attributes of a thinking performer
Format for Reflective Review
12 point font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri) and 1.5 line spacing

ALLOCATION OF MARKS (Total Marks: 100)
The reflective review is the basis for the allocation of marks.
In allocating marks account will be taken of the quality of the CV, Development Record and Plan, and related supporting documentation and how these three types of documentation inform the reflective review.
The reflective review should provide a critical evaluation of the students personal, professional, and academic learning and development:
Experience (30% of marks)
Evidence of outcomes (35%)
Forward agenda, inclusive attention to envisaged outcomes (35% of marks

please following this instruction and please be strict with it:-

1- The Reflective Review covers those aspects of learning and development relevant to your professional journey. Many of you will draw on key learning and development events from University or from earlier significant events and indeed many of you will reflect on many years professional experience. Also I anticipate that looking to the future will vary from attention to aims and aspirations for the next 2-3yrs to more longer term goals or envisaged career direction/trajectory)

Just to remind you:

The Reflective Review is likely to include attention to key events in previous years. Some of you may go back 7 or 8 years or more, some of you may go back 2 or 3 years.

Looking to the future I would expect everyone to look ahead at least 2-3 yrs. Some of you may prefer to look ahead over different timescales. Consistent with a Reflective Review the timescales you choose will be a matter of personal judgement

Some useful references on reflection are:

1- Schon, D. A. (1987). Teaching artistry through reflection-in-action. In Educating the reflective practitioner (pp. 22-40). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

If you google on Teaching artistry through reflection-in-action you should get access to this influential chapter.

2- The recommended reading list for RLTM (on LaSu) includes, Armstrong, S.J. & Fukami, C.V. (Eds.). (2009). The Sage Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development. Los Angeles: Sage.

Chapter 5 by Vince and Reynolds is about Reflection, Reflective Practice and Organizing Reflection.

Chapter 21 by Cunliffe is about Reflexivity, Learning and Reflective Practice.

Cunliffe encourages reflection on feelings and in some contexts this is fine. For the RLTM CPD assignment the emphasis is on actions and outcomes and what you learned from these. Some of you may want to include attention to feelings and this is fine. However, do keep private stuff that is private

please note:

this that this assignment is based on my personal experience please do not write anything dose not mach with my CV which relative to the task that i will write it to you below. there are some tasks that should be related JUST to my CV and personal information. also, there a future things you should write it about me, in this case you can imagine it base on the CV and it is ok if you write somethings that will effect my grades positively. and you should cover this things as a personal information and also this is that points that you should cover it :-

The past part:-
1my past experience from 2006 until 2013( you will find the information that you will need in the CV)

2duties preformed( you will find the information in CV)

3how i preformed( you can create positive things based on the CV)

4benefits( the outcomes that i took from my experience use the CV and you can create anything useful)

the future part:-

1you should write the future I would expect everyone to look ahead at least 2-3 yrs( please write the future that i would have within 2 years, you can create it)

2the duties and learning that i will need it in the future

3how i can do and apply the duty

4what is benefits that i will take it from this duties and learning.


1please in this point talk about my strength in general according to my CV.

2capability that i will be able to preform

please note that you should cover this part as learning styles:-

1reflectors learning styles


throe this information and tasks every thing is about me.


Professional Profile

Over (10) years of experience in the field of managing group of administrators & teachers in the education sector , specialist in jobs related to administration and education , with high degree of knowledge in the implements & directs of all tasks related to human resources , educational work and management activities such as: planning, supervision, development, implementation & provides support services, the education & administration activities. As well as with high potential for persuasion and accept the technology and adapted to serve the HRM process. Participated in several events and presented various written paper and workshops related to it. Have idyllic leadership qualities & remarkable capacities to develop technical work, administrative procedures and personnel affairs to create and maintain a favorable work image, with uncommon ability to create principles and processes for providing administration services. Superb communication skills, both written and spoken & communicate with people outside and inside, representing the organization to others public, government, and other external sources. Maintain relationships with agency personnel & community organizations Identifying measures & indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve & correct performance, relative to the goals of the system.

Aspires to complete my Master Degree in the field of HRM, which then will leads to improve my related adeptness, qualifications, and work background which then can operate in the supply, development, efficiency & growth of schools management activities, which leads to increase revenues, decision-making, enhancement of responsibilities and career improvement.


Currently Studying English Course
University of Salford -UK

Extensive English Language Course
Education First Institute-UK
8th Sep-24th Nov2013

Bachelor Degree of Education
Major: Mathematics Grad: pass
College of Applied Sciences Sultanate of Oman

Third Secondary School Certificate
Al imam Kanbash High Secondary School -Oman

Training Certificate

Completed training course in Adopt & Design
Renaissance Training Institute Oman
1st-11th Dec2012

Participation Certificates

Participated in group and workshops for math subject in Al Batina governorate
Participate in human resources developm