Ontol of Tuberculosis in the United states

Master level
Topic Contol of tuberculosis
Regarding essay order :285465 which I ordered from you before ,,would you please add and /OR correct the follwing points based on the previous essay ( manage the word count and work based on the previous essay and add the required based on the comments below ) ,,

please be carefull in harvard and refer to aricles or books to its authors and make sure its not pliagerized


The essay however fails to clearly and logically explore and clarify issues such as transmission, detection, risk factors; impact (epidemiological, social, economic and political) and different strategies (governmental and non-governmental as desired) involved in the prevention and control (PRIMARY , SECONDARY and TERTIARY ) of TUBERCULOSIS globally and link these to the context (state and federal levels) of the USA. It may be helpful for the candidate to use the  agent-host-environment triad to explore and posit these issues as appropriate.

Inadequate evidence of an attempt to analyse the problem of Tuberculosis in the USA shown. The evidence base is limited (given the wealth of available literature on this subject and setting) and many of the arguments presented are inadequately substantiated and not focused on the USA. A more thorough search for evidence is needed to engage in meaningful critical review and synthesis of issues relating to Tuberculosis in the USA.
There are clear instances of uncritical application of these resources throughout the essay. Application of the Harvard style for listing references needs revision to be consistent with the required format.