Ontraceptive pills and emergancy contraceptive pills

1. Title of the project (Write a descriptive title)

2. Summary -(Summary of the project plan, A? page)

3. Background
3A. The goal of the project
3B. What will the result lead to? (Knowledge quality and validity of coding of diagnoses in medical records concerning overdose with Paracetamol))
3C. Why is the issue important?
3D. The significance of the project for improvement of medication use?
3E. What is known already in Sweden and rest of the world a literature (etc. A summary of research and previous findings in the area? Key references (check out the happy pubmed if you have access to it.))

4. Purpose
4A. The purpose of the survey. What do we study? (Eg How often paracetamolintoxikationer own writing? What was the circumstances of the intoxication? How much and where had the patient purchased Paracetamol?)
4B. Any limitations set out (i.e. things which in itself would be relevant to study, but as of one reason or another are not studied in this particular study)
4C. The purpose specified by the specific issues listed exactly what I want to study?

5. Project Design (Survey, write a little about this)

6. Materials (Collected datas character. (Index, clinical data, other). Specify how data reliability is ensured. The collection is done through the registry and clinical data)

7. Method (A summary of the project implementation, both data collection and data analysis method is described. How results are interpreted is described. (Method used is the record review and survey methodology write about this, and we are looking for diagnostic codes T39.1 (anilides), T50.9, K72.0 (acute and subacute liver failure) in patient examination.)

8. Implementation a (A description of how the project is implemented with an indication of such contacts must be taken, etc. (Go to this way to make contact with the head doctor to get permission to go into the journal, write on professional secrecy, to develop journals and respond to their personal, locate the records for acetaminophen, etc., fill out a questionnaire and send it to our supervisor))

9. Time schedule for milestones and completed projects (Will also include milestones that have already been fulfilled, for instance, application to the ethics committee. (September: literature search and compilation, writing the project plan, contract with each hospital. October: Data-collection and data entry to survey programs. November: Washing of data, compilation of data, data analysis, report writing)

10. Communications a (How the results will be reported and communicated, for instance, in form of reports and seminars. NOTE: results may not be published in scientific journal without further request to the EPN. The result can be made on a report and also an explanation)

11. Reference List (Sources)