Ontract Administration Paper and Presentation

No plagiarism
The new Chief Procurement Officer in your global organization has addressed the need to improve the contract administration function immediately. She has asked your team to prepare a paper on Contract Administration for the rest of the staff. In addition, she desires a short training presentation for the staff on the subject for use in an upcoming Town hallglobal webinar with all procurement staff.

Prepare a paper addressing the following items:
Identify and analyze the elements of contract administration.

Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speakers notes sharing your Learning Teams research from the paper in 2 PowerPoint slide(Identify and analyze the elements of contract administration)

Remember, this is a training presentation for your organizations procurement staff.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Provide a minimum of three (3) references. References other than the course texts should be sought. Use proper citations in your document. Cite your references properly.