Ontract Law-Commercial Purpose assignment

Commercial Purpose Assignment
This assignment forms part of the School of Law and Justice Communication and Research project: the aim is to use your assessments in units to develop a suite of practical lawyering skills.
You are a Junior Solicitor at Butler, McIntyre and Stoney, a boutique firm in West Perth. Your client Mr John Nile has negotiated an oral contract with Mary Johnson. Nile is a promoter who wishes to charter Johnson s boat for a series of gala evening s through-out the winter of 2007. He relates the following on the phone to you:
We are going to get Mary s boat the MV Tamar. It is an old clipper  made out of wood  it looks beautiful. We are going to load it up with 40 people and sail it around the Swan River. We will feed them top class food and wine for three hours and charge each one $180 each. Mary has agreed that the boat will be ready from 10:30 am for every Sunday in the months of July and August in 2007. It is going to be great and we are going to make a lot of money out of this enterprise. There will be a special outing on July 14 when the Tall Ships Spectacular sails into Fremantle. We will take the ship out for 5 hours and charge 60 people $360 each.
We also talked about this other idea of using the boat as a ferry and taking people across to the Perth Animal Expo in Como  you know take them for an all-inclusive day and charge them each $200. Mary is about 80 and her health is fading and she is staying with her only son  Bill  I will give you his number. He has also mentioned something about defouling and painting the hull before it is seaworthy. From Mary, it sounds like he is well connected with all the local yachties and can help us with crewing the ship. Anyway, I will leave the details to you&

Draft a short file note (up to 2000 words). It should contain:
Information you would require before an effective contract could be completed
(i) Questions and clarifications you wish to raise with your client, Mr John Nile at your next appointment; (ii) questions and clarifications for Mr Bill Johnson
(ii) A brief summary of the legal issues and the law that would relate to this set of facts.

Law needs to be Western Australian or at the very least Australian and using Australian Legal Citation.

There is no need for an introduction, only the questions for each party. The format is the question then justification for the question,finally the legal proposition in how it applies (including the relevant case law)